Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There’s a site I’ve been visiting once a day for months now. I only look at it for about three seconds each time but that’s because it gives me up to the minute information about something I’ve been VERY interested in. The site is called CanonPriceWatch.com and it does exactly what its name says, it watches prices on Canon cameras and accessories.

The site is simple really. According to their About section the site was founded by a small group of dedicated photographers who wanted to give people an easy way to see pricing information on Canon products. They aren’t affiliated with Canon or any of the retailers that they list on their site. Instead, they’re independent consumers like you and I who feature only retailers they trust and would shop at.

Some cool features of the site are...

Click on deals to see what has moved cheaper. This section is updated daily and is a great place to find out what deals can be had on Canon equipment around the Internet.

Just what you think it is. Enter in a product you’d like pricing information on in this section and it will bring up anything it can find.

History Graphs:
One of the most useful features on each product’s profile page is a graph that shows how price has fluctuated over the past year. It also has note tags that explain some reasons for dips in prices such as instant rebates and other deals.

There are a lot of other cool features on this site so I encourage you to check it out if you are planning on buying a piece of Canon camera equipment in the next few weeks or months. By patiently watching the price on the camera body I’ve had my eye on for a few months, I saved almost $200 off of the MSRP when a good deal popped up on the site.

Have you used CanonPriceWatch.com before? Snag any good deals? Post up below in the comments section.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Meme Monday: He-Man Breaking it Down

Meme Monday brings you a weekly Internet Meme that we have found. Internet Memes are described as something that catches on like wildfire with Internet communities with no outside source of promotion. They exist purely for enjoyment and laughs.