Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fu Wing Low, Chinese Food in Fountain Valley

Fu Wing Low Fountain Valley

In an unassuming shopping center in Fountain Valley, California across the street from Mile Square Park, a restaurant that will forever hold a special place in my heart can be found. Fu Wing Low is a Chinese restaurant with a rabid local following. If the 67 reviews (as of this post date) on Yelp are any indication of its popularity, you can be sure that Fu Wing Low is something special.

If you live in Orange County, its often very hard to find the independent, non-chain, "hole in the wall" style of restaurant. Most of the county is pretty cookie-cutter when it comes to shopping centers and restaurants. Fu Wing Low fills that void.

When you're in the mood to eat great, simple food, try out Fu Wing Low. The restaurant was introduced to me years ago and since then I've brought most of my family and many friends to eat there. The store front is plain with a simple sign above the door. Inside you're greeted by a large fish tank and then immediately after, Kenny (the owner) will greet you in a friendly way. If you've been to Kenny's restaurant more than a couple times, he'll remember you. He knows my name, remembers that my mom is up in the Bay Area completing her schooling, and knows when we were last in to eat his food.

The Food
If its your first visit, get the three flavor sizzling rice soup. Crispy rice, veggies, beef, chicken and shrimp with an awesome broth comes out in all its sizzling and snapping glory. If you're a vegetarian, just get the vegetable version because its also incredible. To my mind, the sizzling rice soup at Fu Wing Low is the must-have dish. Share a large bowl with your family and friends and enjoy all the flavors.
Fu Wing Low Sizzling Rice Soup

Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Chow Mein and House Fried Rice are all part of our normal order. Like most people, I've found a few things I like and never venture outside that list. Don't be like me! Fu Wing Low has a HUGE menu and you really should try something different each time. Again, there are also great vegetarian versions of many of the dishes so just ask Kenny or any member of his family for the options.

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Fu Wing Low does take-out and I highly recommend picking up a big bowl of their sizzling rice soup for a sick family member. It has the uncanny ability to cure a cold.

Have you been to Fu Wing Low? Mad that we haven't taken you there before? Post up below.


Tanya said...

I have not been there but it sure looks tasty! For some other independent restaurants in the OC have you tried Gabby's (Mexican food) in Old Town Orange? How about Da Bianca Trattoria (Italian food) in Orange near Irvine Park? If you haven't tried them, you haven't lived. Da Bianca is hard to find but oh so good! They are my all time favorite restaurants. If I could make them move to Sunnyvale, I would. Yum!

Thomas said...

You know, we've never ventured out to Old Town Orange but I've always heard great things about it. I think its high time we make a trip out there and trying those places might be a good idea.

There's another great Italian place we go to on Balboa Island called Sabatino's. Sooooo good.

Anyway, if you guys are in OC any time soon and want to eat, hit us up. Fu Wing Low is awesome.

Jeanne said...

Three-flavor sizzling rice soup--it's MAGIC!

Anonymous said...

The sizzling rice soup reminded me of the time I spent with my family back home. I remember every other Saturday night or so, my parents will take us to a little Shaihang restaurant in my home town. And almost every time we ordered the seafood sizzling rice soup. I just love the salty soup with the crispy rice texture and when you see the soup was heating the crispy rice, it's like a very interesting show in front of ur eyes.

Time to check out this place.



Laugh.Live.Love.Laub said...

i'm mad you havent taken us!

Sarah said...

Kelly, drive down and we will take you! I am always looking for reasons to go there

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