Monday, February 14, 2011

An Unconventional Valentine's Day

We're not exactly what you'd call a traditionally romantic couple. Our wedding in Vegas is probably the biggest piece of evidence of our deviation from the norm. Its not that we're against romance or Valentine's Day itself. Realistically, its because we're tired and lazy. We could fight the crowds, reserve a table months in advance, and pay the markup on the flowers, but we just don't. And looking back, I realize we never have participated in the Valentine's rush.

Our Valentine's Day celebration tonight will feature some Del Taco, a bottle of $3.34 wine and some ice cream drumsticks. We'll probably plop ourselves down in front of our TV and Netflix the night away. Sure, it completely lacks any shred of romance, and its not very exciting, but it sounds great to us.

A couple people have heard what our plans are and a few thought this was a great idea. I never thought something so boring could sound so appealing to other people. So, it made us wonder... what are YOU doing for Valentine's Day? Are you being a better couple than we are and actually getting off your butts to do something nice together? Or are you doing something different that a lot of people wouldn't think to do? Interested to hear so post up below!


Anonymous said...

We usually celebrate on 2/17. The reason being is that's the day that we bought her engagement ring in South Africa, so it holds a special place for us. Besides, we're able to schedule dinner wherever and whenever we want.

Sarah said...

Thats a great idea! Thomas proposed a week after V-Day and I feel that day means more to me than a random holiday.

Laugh.Live.Love.Laub said...

well.. we definitely dont do gifts. and much prefer to handmade cards. but i think we do well at showing each other how much we care anyway so we will do special things for each other on random occasions.. last year we were in maui for valentines day.. but that was by chance. anyway this morning i made him heart shaped crescent rolls and pink hot chocolate for breakfast. and i will make him dinner (like always) however i will set the table outside in our new side yard and decorate said side yard with lights.. pretty much a normal day with a little extra umph.

cliffom said...

Thin crust pizza from a local joint, a bottle of ginger ale or wine if we are up for it, and Easy A on the Apple TV. Being together is what is important.

I actually surprised Heather last week by leaving work early and taking her out to dinner. It easily trumped doing something big on the day of due to the spontaneity.

I may "borrow" your drumsticks idea. Thanks!

Tanya said...

I know I'm late in replying... I always thought of valentines day as a hallmark holiday so we have never really done anything special. Though... Seamus did surprise me yesterday with ice cream and wine. :) We didn't drink the wine but we enjoyed some ice cream while watching Big Love! YAY!

Kilya said...

Thats the school of thought I come from. I completely failed this go around though.

Two dinners, flowers and misc charges involved with my comp night in Atlantic City rang up some where around the $450 mark lol. We agreed on no presents so no additional cost on that.

Personally though, I think I would have prefered a $10 bottle of wine, home cooked dinner and... a brand new iPad at the same cost instead lol ;)

We had a good time and that's all that matters but most def something to maul over.

Doing VDAY dinner the day be for or after can help you avoid those pesky reservations and prefix menu price hikes.

Sarah said...

Our engagement anniversary is next week, so I think we will do something nice for that night, or just another random night around it. I love good dinners out, but I hate it when its super crowded :)

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