Friday, January 21, 2011

The Guinness Book Of World Records: Angels Stadium Snuggie

Angel Stadium Snuggie Night

Did you know that Thomas and I are in the Guinness Book of World Records? Well, we are. Kind of.

In April 2010, our friends Greg and Meghann invited us to Snuggie night at Angels' Stadium. Thomas likes baseball, so he was in. I had always secretly wanted a Snuggie, so I was in.

This was an Angel Game like most others, until the halfway mark when we were instructed to "put on our fleece blankets" (I was already wearing mine). We were told to leave them on for 5 minutes so that the judges could look around and get a good estimate of the number of people wearing a Snuggie to see if we broke the previous record of 17,000 fleece blanket wearers. We did, all 43,510 of us demolished the old record.

As Angel fans pulled their blankets on, the stadium turned into a sea of red and it was a crazy sight to see. The game was still going on, but for a full 5 minutes, no one paid attention to anything but the Snuggies. People were taking pictures, jumping around, doing the wave and yelling about just how awesome their Snuggie was.

The night was silly, yet a lot of fun, and now we have two Snuggies at home! Pro tip: They are quite handy for working on the computer in the cold months!

Bonus Pic! Thomas doing the Magician/Dad photo pose with his Snuggie.

Thomas Angel Snuggie


Anonymous said...

awww too bad its the Angels.

Sarah said...

I am an equal opportunity Snuggie Lover. If the Dodgers were giving them away, I would have been thrilled to go to that game!

Jeanne said...

If the Dodgers ever hold a Snuggie night, I'm driving to L.A.!

Kevin said...

It's definitely snuggie season in the North East. It's 14 degrees right now!!!!!! I'll take California Snuggie weather any day!!!


Zim said...

Cindy's waiting until we can find an "electric" Snuggie with concentrated heat for her back!!

Thomas said...

I think Sarah would never leave the house if such a blanket existed Zim.

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